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Councillors Roles and Responsibilities

Chairman Cllr Collinge
Vice-Chairman Cllr Rostron
Signatories to the bank account Chairman, Vice-Chair and the Clerk
Allotment Chairman Cllr Collinson
Playground inspection Cllr Rostron
Parish Council Liaison Committee Cllr Hanson and the Clerk
Planning Committee Cllrs Collinge, Gandy and Hanson (Cllr Hanson, Chair)
Footpath Officer Cllr Harrison
Parish Plan Review Working Group Cllrs Rostron, Harrison, Hanson and Collinge
Simonstone Parish Council link Cllrs Rostron, Snape and the Clerk
PACT Cllrs Collinson, Rostron and Collinge
Youth Council Cllrs Collinson and Rostron
Communications Working Group Cllrs Collinge, Snape and Harrison